5 Reasons Why You Should Own a Pair of Wooden Sunglasses

Posted by wahid choudary on

When it comes to buying a pair of sunglasses, we usually take a minute or two to decide which pair we are going to buy. Most people often buy sunglasses by looking at the price tag. The cheapest pair is always the right one for them. 

No doubt, it is quite tempting to go out to the nearest store and pick the cheapest sunglasses, but if you want to look more stylish, it is imperative to take your time while choosing a pair of sunglasses. 

Think of it like this, the first thing anyone is going to notice about you is your face. So, don’t you want to show them something unique that also looks stylish? That’s why picking the right kind of sunglasses should be a crucial task for everyone. 

When it comes to sunglasses, you have dozens of options to choose from. I mean there are the classic aviators, cat eyes, retro squares, etc. However, in the past couple of years, wooden frame sunglasses have become quite a popular choice of sunglasses. 

wood sunglasses

Wooden sunglasses have turned out to become the coolest fashion trend of this era. Apart from making you look more stylish, wearing wooden frame sunglasses also helps you stand out in the crowd. 

The cherry on top is that wooden sunglasses go with everything. Whether you are hiking up in the mountains or attending your best-friends, wearing a pair of wood sunglasses will make you look more stylish for sure. 

To help you understand more precisely, we have scribbled down some of the reasons why you should own wooden sunglasses. 

Wooden Sunglasses are Eco-Friendly

This one’s quite obvious - companies that manufacture wooden sunglasses are concerned about the environment. If you also worry about the environment, it is better to pick wooden sunglasses over a pair of plastic ones. 

The reason being plastic is non-biodegradable. It never decomposes and eventually finds its way into the sea. Not only the microplastic in the sea affect the marine life, but it also possesses a huge threat to human health. 

How? Well, the fishes in the water eat this microplastic and eventually, it reaches your digestive system when you consume fish. Plastic is never going to decompose. If anything, it’s going to pile up and cause damage to our environment. 

Wood, on the other hand, doesn’t possess any threat to the environment. Unlike plastic, wood is a completely natural resource and that’s why it’s biodegradable as well. Buying a pair of wooden sunglasses is the least we can do to protect the environment. 

Wooden Sunglasses are Comfortable & Stylish

In addition to being earth-friendly, wooden sunglasses are comfortable & stylish at the same time. Since they’re made from wood, wooden sunglasses and lightweight can be worn even for an entire day.

Unlike the heavy plastic, wooden sunglasses won’t leave any tacky marks on your nose. Their arms are slightly flexible which means they’ll adjust as per the shape & size of the person’s face. 

Wooden frame sunglasses are a suitable option for people who are allergic to synthetic materials. Since they are handcrafted from scratch, wooden sunglasses don’t cause allergies whatsoever. 

Wooden Sunglasses Add Uniqueness to Your Outfit

Wearing wooden frame sunglasses add a uniqueness to your over personality. Think of it like this, you are the only one at the party with wooden sunglass, you’ll definitely stand out in the crowd. 

And, the best part is wooden sunglasses are handcrafted which means that no one would have the same pair like the one you own. You can also find a wide variety of designs and shades in wooden sunglasses. 

Since there are these many options to choose from, there’s a pair of wooden sunglasses that’ll suit your overall personality. 

Wooden Sunglasses are Durable

Let’s be honest - plastic sunglasses are extremely fragile. Remember that time when you unintentionally sat on your pair and it shattered into pieces. Well, that’s what I’m talking about.

Durability is a factor that’s always missing in plastic sunglasses. However, that’s not the case with wooden sunglasses. When you look at a pair of wooden frame sunglasses for the first time, you immediately know that they are durable. 

Even if you sit on a pair of wooden sunglasses or throw it from a height, it won’t experience severe damage like a pair of plastic sunglasses. This is one of the major reasons why you should choose wooden sunglasses over regular plastic sunglasses. 

Even the Bamboo Packaging is Durable & Eco-Friendly

Wooden sunglasses come in wooden packaging. This is usually made up of bamboo wood, which adds that extra durability and style to the overall package. Like sunglasses, the packing won’t experience any damage. 

And, since it is extremely durable, the packaging will protect the shades from scratches. The wooden packaging is easy to carry around too, mainly because it’s quite light-weight. You can simply throw it inside your backpack. 


Wooden sunglasses are a perfect option for people who want to try something unique. They’ll help you arrive in style everywhere, be it a party, a wedding, or a beach vacation. And, since wooden glasses are eco-friendly, you’d be contributing to the well-being of our environment by wearing a pair of wooden frame sunglasses.