Bamboo wood arm sunglasses addition in mens fashion

Posted by Krishna s on

Having bamboo wood are sunglasses is kind of must if you are a fashion lover. Wooden arm sunglasses make a fashion forward statement in today’s world, and the selection of frame styles and shades has never been more diverse. According to research eco-friendly products are getting more popular. Bamboo is the tree that grows way faster and  has the same aesthetic qualities as real wood. However, bamboo is actually a fast-growing grass – it holds the world’s record for the fastest growing plant so using bamboo-wood in ideal for fashion needs. 


we use multi kinds of wood to make the wooden sunglasses like Walnut, Zebra-wood, Bamboo are the most common. At Riglook we offer the most beautiful polarized shades to protect the eyes from dangerous uv rays from sun. All over the world, people wear wood glasses. This year, Americans alone will buy 200 million pairs. With our growing plastic pollution crisis, it only makes sense to reduce the amount of plastic we buy. Purchasing sunglasses that use plastic are not good for our planet.