How Women Wooden Watches Are Crafted?

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Being a fashion freak, you must have bought a wooden watch to take your fashion lifestyle to another level as they look classy and elegant. Wooden watches redefined the fashion industry with its unignorable glamour. They are the latest sensation of the fashion industry and even not only wooden watches are the sensation of the fashion industry but a variety of wooden-crafted accessories are dominating the market as well as they have become the most preferable fashion accessories of fashion freaks.

You might be one of those fashionistas who are fond of wooden fashionable accessories. But did you ever wonder how wooden watches are crafted? Maybe never. It is very important to know the whole manufacturing processes of those things that you love to adopt in your daily routine. Thus, here we will discuss women wooden watches and how they are crafted. What are those essential processes which lead to manufacturing a classy women wooden watch? 

The Crafting Process of Women Wooden Watches

The manufacturing process of women wooden watches can be categorized into three major manufacturing processes including Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production. Further, these processes contain more manufacturing steps. Similarly to every product manufacturing process, all the production processes of crafting wooden watches are equally important for manufacturing a classy and elegant product that can meet the requirements of fashion freaks.

Generally, wooden watches are manufactured in the factories but do you know these watches can also be handcrafted from home? Well, several passionate crafters love to handcraft wooden watches from home by dismantling old watches, measuring the bezel, crafting the bezel, outer body, and straps of the watch, affixing all the components together, and eventually giving it an elegant look. However, branded watches manufactured in the factories have a different charm. So, let’s explore the in-depth process of crafting wooden watches. 

Pre-Production- Selecting Wood/ Material/ and Design

Similarly to every product manufacturing process, the first and foremost step is pre-production. Primarily, three major processes are involved in pre-production selecting wood, selecting other materials, and creating design respectively. In this process, the manufacturers determine proper preparation of production ensuring the market demand of the product, wood quality, and a classy look of women wooden watches. Sometimes, manufacturers get orders from customers. Thus, in this case, they have to manufacture it as per the demands of customers. Now, let’s go through all three major processes of pre-production. 

Selecting Wood

Selecting particular wood is very important for making wooden watches more capable of lasting longer than metal watches. It adds value to the product. A wide range of wood with different quality, strength, and natural properties are used in crafting wooden watches including walnut, sandalwood, Maplewood, teak, bamboo, olive, cedar, karri, Zebrano and others. These woods are ideal for manufacturing a long-lasting classy wooden watch. Usually, manufacturers prefer one of these woods to use in making women wooden watches as they are capable enough to last longer than other woods.

However, sometimes manufacturers choose other woods over these woods in case any customer orders a watch for him/her and asks for some specific demands.

Choosing Other Components’ Material

Well, when manufacturers are done with wood parts then they look for choosing the material of other components such as hours hand, minutes hand, seconds hand, hours marks, case, quartz movement, and band pins. These parts usually are not made of woods. They are made of metal material. However, a few brands use woods to make these tiny parts of wooden watches. 

Preparing Design

The last step in pre-production is preparing wooden watches’ designs. It is another important process that leads to manufacturing a classy and elegant women wooden watch. It needs deep consumers and market research so that manufacturers can create on-demand designs that can be further popular in the market.

Production- The Manufacturing Process 

This is the process in which manufacturing is done. Generally, two major processes are involved in this production process including crafting or collecting all the components and combining all the components to give it a final shape. Let’s start with crafting and collecting all the components of a wooden watch.

Crafting and Collecting All the Components

The first process that comes in the production part is “crafting and collecting all the components of a wooden watch” including straps, bezel, hours hand, minutes hand, seconds hand, hours marks, case, crown, quartz movement, and band pins. In these processes, crafters design tiny wooden components of women wooden watches and collect particular interior components such as quartz movement, hours hand, minutes hand, seconds hand, and hours marks.

Combining All Parts Together

After crafting and collecting all the components of wooden watches, manufacturers combine all together to manufacture a wooden watch. This process involves establishing the quartz movement to fix the interior part, affixing the outer wooden body, adjusting the outline, and fixing the straps to watch. So, this is the process in which wooden watches come in their real shapes.

Post-Production- Finishing/ Polishing/ and Packaging

This is the last stage of the production where manufacturers give women wooden watches a final touch by completing finishing works, polishing, and packaging. This stage of production is as important as pre-production and production. Wooden watches find their charm and glow after going through the last stage of production.

In finishing work, wooden watches are nicely analyzed. All the tiny disturbances in the watches are removed by the finest artists. After completing finishing work, manufacturers polish watches to highlight the shine and charm of the watches. These two processes are very important to make wooden watches shiny and classy so that they can be popular in the market. Lastly, packaging comes. Manufacturers nicely analyze the final product and after finding it perfect they are sent for packaging.

So, these are the main stages of the production of wooden watches. Now, you might have known how wooden watches are crafted in the factories. They are the newest buzz in the fashion industry. Let redefine your lifestyle with unique wooden watches.