The Coolest Ways to Rock Your New Wooden Watch

Posted by wahid choudary on

When it comes to fashion, a lot of people will wear whatever is in trend and why not, isn’t that the whole point of being a fashionista? That being said, wooden watches, the latest spark in the fashion world,  have seemed to occupy a fair share of the market, garnering the attention of style seekers.

If you can’t find different outfits or attire to go with the watch, worry not, we will tell you different attire you can wear with your watch, for there is nothing better than a nice watch complimenting a nice attire.Classic and Formal Suit and Tie

One of the best ways to spice up your outfit? Wear a wooden watch. If anything gets better with wooden watches then it definitely has to be a suit and tie with clean and shining shoes and a black or brown belt and sharp looking pocket square.

The aggression and professional flare formal suit reflects, there's no doubting that a perfectly fitted wooden watch will only do justice.

Snuggle Fit V Neck/T-shirt

Are you one of those who like rocking a completely casual attire? If yes, then a wooden watch is an ideal partner. Pair a rugged jean with simple V-neck or round neck t-shirt and put on that stylish watch you recently bought. The complete getup offers a subtle style in a unique way. You can also tag a wood sunglass along for more coolness.

Official and Business, Formal or Casual

If your organization demands formal dress up for each employee, it's time for you to up the game. Put on your usual three-piece business suit and tie a wood watch on your wrist and your colleagues will have a new topic to gossip on. Make sure you tell your boss where you bought that watch from, for he can't resist asking you that.

The same goes for the casual outfits, in either case, this watch is going to make you a rockstar, at least in your office.

Outings, Party, Night Out

Be it a party, outings with friends or a simple night out, the watch never fails to compliment any outfit. Going on a beach, wear it with a tee and shorts, play volleyball football or foosball, it'll look good anyway. A trekking expedition, full trousers, jacket and leather boots and to finish it off, a wooden watch; what could be better than wearing nature to explore nature?

If anything, wooden watches are all sorts of awesome. They come in different shape, size, color and style. In a nutshell, there's a wooden watch for everyone. Once you have your fair share of nature on your hand, you can rest assured it'll never cease to amaze you no matter what you wear. You can read this article to know more about the wooden watches.