What If My Wooden Sunglasses Get Broken?

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You might have heard about the trend and emerging popularity of wooden sunglasses. You might also have heard about the classy look and advantages of wooden sunglasses. But have you ever thought: What if my wood sunglasses get broken? Well! Your answers can vary as per your experiences. It may be Yes or No. It is also possible that you are one of those buyers of wooden sunglasses who have got their broken wood sunglasses repaired from a spectacle shop. Well, it does not matter whatever your experiences are for broken wooden sunglasses, this piece of information you are going to read is for all those fashionistas who love to have wooden sunglasses. This will guide you on how you can take care of your classy wooden sunglasses and what you can do to perfectly repair them if they get broken in an accident.

Before getting into the main part, let’s first discuss how you can take care of your stylish wooden sunglasses? There are a few things which you must follow to keep them protected from scratches and excoriation. Let’s explore further.

Tips to Care Wooden Sunglasses

Here are the most effective tips to care and protect your sunglasses from getting scratches and dent. You must follow these tips to keep safe and protect your wood sunglasses.

Keep Them Safe in the Box

When you will buy wooden sunglasses of your choice from an online store or your local market, at the same time, you will get a wooden box or a metal box. These sunglasses boxes are very protective and very helpful to keep your sunglasses safe. Whenever you stay at your home and do not need your sunglasses then you can keep them in the box and hereby you will give 100 percent protection to your sunglasses. On the other hand, if you keep them open anywhere at your home then the chances of getting scratches and dent increases. Also, your wooden sunglasses’ lenses can be broken into pieces if you do not keep them protected in their box. So, it is better to save your favorite sunglasses as well as money by keeping your sunglasses protected in their boxes.

Try to Safely Hold Them Among the Crowd

Markets are usually very crowded places and thus safety becomes very essential there. Whenever you go to the market or any crowded places, you must remember one thing that a market is never a safe place. At any moment in the market, you can get pushed among scuffle and in consequence, you can lose your balance and further your valuables can fall on the hard floor. Hereby, your valuables can get scratches and dent or even they can be broken. Those valuables can be your wood sunglasses. So, try to safely hold your wooden sunglasses in the market. It will help you to keep them protected.

Keep Clean Your Sunglasses

  • Clean your sunglasses with a microfiber cloth to remove layers of dust
  • Use dust removal liquids to clean
  • Apply the scratches removal creams and rinse lenses after five to ten minutes

How to Perfectly Fix Broken Wood Sunglasses?

The first and foremost thing, do not ever put your wood sunglasses in a condition where the chances of falling, getting scratches, and getting broke are always high. This will help you to nicely protect your sunglasses. But in case your sunglasses get broken due to falling or any other reason than what will you do to repair them? Let's explore and understand by reading the further sections.

How Much Damaged Your Wood Sunglasses Are?

It is very important to analyze the condition of your sunglasses after getting broken by falling or any other reason. Ask yourself: are your sunglasses in a condition that needs repairing or replacement of any parts or they are totally damaged and can not be repaired? You can easily determine this by having a glance at your broken sunglasses. After analyzing the condition of your sunglasses, you can easily decide whether you should repair them or buy a new one.

When Lenses Get Broken

In case your wood sunglasses' lenses get broken then you will have to buy new lenses for your sunglasses as lenses cannot be repaired for reuse. Further, you must go to the sunglasses shop to fix newly bought lenses on your sunglasses. Make sure that they are fixed appropriately by the expert so that in future you never face any issue regarding this.

On the other hand, if your sunglasses’ lenses get scratches that have been making the visuals blurred then you need to buy new lenses as there is no other option. But in case if they get light scratches and dent which have not been disturbing your visuals then you must be okay with them. You can reduce the effects of those scratches by applying scratches removal products on scratches. While staying at home, you can easily remove the scratches with the help of toothpaste or baking soda.

Sometimes, lenses get unfixed without getting scratches and dent. In this case, you do not need to buy new lenses for your favorite wood sunglasses. You just need to appropriately fix them with the help of experts. Use appropriate glue that is specifically made for this purpose only.

When Sunglasses’ Frames Get Unshaped

This is very common with sunglasses, especially with metal sunglasses. Wooden sunglasses rarely get unshaped but sometimes they can get unshaped due to low-quality wood. In this case, you do not need to go for repair rather you can yourself fix it appropriately by carefully pushing the frame. Here, you should be extra careful as your inappropriate push can totally destroy the shape of your sunglasses.

When Sunglasses’ Frames Get Scratched

It is very unusual with wood sunglasses as they can bear the rough frictions of anything without getting scratched. But in case if your wooden sunglasses' frames get scratches then you can easily repair them by applying effective scratches removal product on it. Here, you do not need to repair and replace it from the shop. You can repair it yourself by staying at home.

In the end, I hope this guide is very helpful for you. There are more things that are not covered in this piece of information but with applying the above-mentioned tips you can fully protect your wooden sunglasses as well as if your sunglasses get broken then you can fix it appropriately.