Handmade Custom Wooden Bow Ties to Be the Perfect Gentleman

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Wooden Bow Tie

Elegant, Classic and Timeless- Bow ties are just the ideal companions to be that perfect gentleman. But as contemporary times are more demanding, modern men want to add some new adjectives to the Gentleman code.

We know that being recognized as a courteous and honorable matter a lot to you, but apart you want to be acknowledged as that flawlessly natural and playful personality that bring smiles to everybody around them.

This is why Riglook have revamped the character of the bow ties in a more refreshing and fitting way from fabric or elastic ties to wooden bow ties. These stylish new bows accentuate your individual style, separating you from the mob and helps to change your overall impression.

Create a Unique Statement with the Exclusive Bow Design

A balanced approach- We know that a gentleman never goes over the top or has an exaggerated tone. This is why our wooden bow ties are designed with a minimalist approach. The clean bow designs utterly sum up and reflect your vision towards life. While the wood lends you an adventurous and creative side, you will find these ties in sleek and simple patterns that will enhance a balanced fashion statement.

Bow Design
Lightweight- Another great point is the weight. When designing wooden bow ties, it is important to weigh its practicality. Therefore, we introduce a line of carefully crafted products that are lightweight. Similar to the elastic or fabric tie you can adapt them to the suitable size and fasten them to the mark which is most convenient for you.

Where can you wear a wooden bow tie?

If you will consider that you need a special occasion to wear these wooden bow ties, then you are mistaken. Unlike the classic ones that dictate some serious occasions like marriage, red carpets, and corporate parties, the wooden bow ties because of their uncommon peculiarity can accommodate any moment.

So whether you are a coffee lover, a professor at the college, a traveler or a groom, these sui generis bow tie can match all your events. This indicates that these ties can reduce the pressure of formalities and can be the true solvent to single out your style.

Also, you will have the same finesse provided by the rubber and fabric bow ties in wooden bow ties. Just accompany them with the handmade wooden sunglasses and you are ready to slay the dapper look.

How can you create a unique Style- Wooden Bow Ties with Wood Frame Glasses?

Wooden Bow Ties with Wood Frame Glasses

Creating a classy yet individual style is possible with the wooden bow ties. You can imagine as these bow ties are novel in their fabrication, they give you an absolute amalgamation of tradition and love of nature.

Hitherto you can make some more efforts to emphasize your style statement and add a sizzle with all wood glasses. Here are some tips!
  • Wear a wooden bow tie with the wood frame polarised sunglasses a leather belt and wooden cufflinks. You can add a pocket square or suspenders to make everyone acknowledge your fashion sense.
  • To create that perfect gentleman look combine your wooden bow ties with a special wooden watches or a wooden frame glasses and conceive the style that matches your status and grace.

We hope that this guide to wooden bow tie will help you find your perfect gentleman style. Tell us how do you like our collection in the comments section below. You can also call us at 1-844-744-5665 to make general inquiries on our products and shipping.