Wooden Bowties - A Modern Makeover to the Classic Accessory

Posted by Kevin Du on

Bow ties and men, they have been together since a time that can't be remembered. Men loved wearing these butterfly looking ties on casual or formal occasions and they never ever got tired of it. This tie had become a part of their fashion statement and even in 21st century, it still remains to be.

The fashion market may have gotten flooded with different types of long ties, but even now nothing beats the flare coming out of a bowtie. The popularity of these ties was the reason thinkers wanted to give it a modern twist, a makeover which would be natural and yet enticing as before; the result was wooden bow ties.

The transformation came out to be more fascinating that thinkers imagined. Worn with casual or party wears, the wooden bow ties outshone every other combination.

People who chose wooden bow ties also liked coupling them with wooden watches and wooden sunglasses.

Bow ties are considered as a great accessory for styling in the summers, having a potential of uplifting the most simplistic outfit letting you pull off a rather cooler appearance. Its nature makes it perfect to wear it on several occasions like:


What used to be a church limited event now has more casual venues. Hosted at places like beach, museum, aquarium and even undersea, these wedding provides ample opportunity to wear wooden bow ties. Whats icing on the cake is you wouldn't see much people wearing one of those, making you outstand the party.

Business Parties

Think you can only pull a formal attire only in long ties? Well, think again. With wooden bow ties so versatile, you can wear it for formal business parties too. Let the clients and other business people look at you in awe. And yeah, you may want to be ready for a lot of talks in the evening as well.

Night Outs

Friday night outs or weekend club parties used to make people conscious, not anymore. Pair up a jean with a casual shirt, put on a waistcoat and top it off with a wooden bow tie. Looking party ready has never been this good before. Do wrap one of the wooden watches to go with the overall dress and Voila! You’re a player.

Casual Office Days

These wooden ties are the perfect tag along for casual office days. Tired of wearing suite every frigging day and just this once a week you get a chance to flaunt your inner fashionista, right? Well, what could be better than a wooden bow tie? Tie it up and see neck turn in the office. Don’t be surprised if you become the talk of the day.

Wooden bow ties are revolutionizing an ancient classic favorite into contemporary and people are already loving it. Have you gotten yours yet?