Wooden or Plastic Sunglasses: Which is Better

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It’s a well-known fact that plastic has become a huge problem these days. The majority of plastic products that we use end up in the oceans and eventually harm marine wildlife. Believe it or not, but this plastic can end up in your stomach as well. How? Well, when plastic is thrown into the ocean, it turns into microplastic, which is often consumed by fishes. 

Now, when Not only this, but plastic never decomposes, which means that even if it is not thrown into the ocean, it’ll simply pile up there and cause severe health conditions. Experts believe that if we continue consuming plastic at the same rate, we won’t have sufficient land to live by the next 50-70 years. 

This is probably one of the major concerns for the human race. This is when wooden products come into the picture. Today, there are several wooden products such as wooden toothbrushes, wooden sunglasses men, wooden watches, etc., that can easily replace your daily-life plastic products. 

Since wood is environment-friendly, you must choose a wooden product any day over plastic products, especially if you are concerned about the earth’s future. Speaking of wooden products, wooden sunglasses have created quite a hype in the fashion world. 

Ever since they were introduced in the world, wooden sunglasses have become a trend. In fact, wooden sunglasses have already replaced the regular plastic eyewear in the wardrobe of many people. Since these sunglasses look extremely aesthetic, everyone prefers them over traditional eyewear. 

If you are also looking forward to adding something unique to your wardrobe, you must shop for wooden sunglasses men as they are one of the most distinctive fashion accessories you can buy. 

To help you understand more precisely, we have compared both wooden and plastic sunglasses and explained why the former is a better option. 

Why Wooden Sunglasses are Better than Plastic Sunglasses?

Plastic, as we mentioned earlier, isn’t eco-friendly. We are living in an era where it has become extremely crucial to take initiative towards protecting the environment. One of the ways to do so is to reduce plastic use as much as possible.

No doubt, plastic sunglasses are really fancy and captivating, but once you try a pair of wooden sunglasses men, you will never go back to those old plastic glasses. The fine craftsmanship, shown on the frame of a wooden sunglass, looks extremely appealing

And, since the wooden sunglasses are entirely hand-made, each pair will look unique. It means no one would have the same pair as yours. Wooden sunglasses also come in different finishing, which means there are ample amount of styles to choose from. 

Here are some of the additional benefits of wearing wooden sunglasses. 

They are Lightweight

Believe it or not but wooden sunglasses men are quite lightweight. While wearing them, you’ll barely feel the wooden glasses. Unlike metal sunglasses, these wooden glasses don’t leave marks on around your nose as well and are quite comfortable to wear. As compared to plastic and metal glasses, wooden sunglasses are comparatively more comfortable to wear. 


As we discussed earlier, wooden sunglasses are handcrafted and look extremely aesthetic. Every pair of the wooden frame is made with precision that can be witnesses by the detailing of the frame. If you want to add something aesthetic to your wardrobe collection, you must buy a pair of wooden sunglasses. 


Wooden sunglasses are comparatively more affordable than a pair of regular sunglasses. Even though the craftsmanship is extremely appealing, wooden sunglasses cheap don’t burn a hole in your pocket and are pocket-friendly. It means that you can arrive in style without spending too much on the sunglasses.  

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Plastic, as well as metal sunglasses, usually come in plastic packaging. However, that’s not the case with wooden sunglasses at all. Even the packaging, in which wooden sunglasses come in, is made from bamboo wood. It means that even the packaging of a pair of wooden sunglass is environment-friendly. Moreover, the packaging is available in different shapes and colors, which means you have too many options to choose from. 

The only disadvantage of wearing wooden sunglasses is that they aren’t elastic. It means that if you somehow bent the frame, it could not be straightened again. Once you buy a pair of wooden sunglasses, you’ll have to keep it with care as wood is relatively more fragile as compared to metal. 

Wooden Sunglasses vs Plastic Sunglasses-Final Verdict

So, now that you know why wooden sunglasses are a better option, make sure to buy a pair so that you can have the most unique style in the crowd. You can shop for the best wooden sunglasses men at Rig Look. We provide the most unique and comfortable wooden glasses that’ll go with your daily look and make you look more stylish. At Rig Look, we have a wide collection of wooden sunglasses for men that you can buy.