Shop Unique and Original Wooden phone Cases

Beautifuly hand crafted wooden phone cases with artwork. Secure and Fast check out for quality products.

Give your smartphone a premium look with our new wooden phone case designs made out of premium quality material. The available phone cases are carefully crafted using precision tools to make it snuggle your phone perfectly.

If there’s a thing called wooden passion, we at Riglook, are filled with it. Our artists believe in creating something new, something out of the box. The end result is always overwhelming as usual, garnering a lot of attention. We bet you will find our collection of phone cases simply mesmerizing.

We even emboss unique patterns on the wooden shells and those are limited to us only. Stand out in the crowd, flaunt your proximity with nature and let people ask you “Hey! Where did you get this wood phone case? It’s awesome!” 

For the production of these cases, we use wooden veneer embraced with different sturdy materials like PU leather or polycarbonate casing which makes your wooden phone case extremely durable.

The wood used is sourced locally to undergo sheer craftsmanship. Whether it is the wood of bamboo, oak or walnut, every inch of it is polished to give ultra smooth feel yet remain sturdy in hands.

We don’t just sell phone cases but we aim to give this world something to hold on to for years. So, don’t wait anymore, place your order now and see your old phone turn new!