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 Manufactured with unique shapes and stunning designs, These pairs of wooden sunglasses are suitable for women and men alike. Our range of unparalleled and elegant wood frame sunglasses is of premium quality that makes it ideal casual wear. Come shop with us!

Wooden Sunglasses

Riglook offers stunning shapes and designs for every individual out there. Handmade perfectly from the locally sourced different kinds of wood like bamboo, oak, walnut, zebra and more, these wood sunglasses are here to give a contemporary touch to your traditional persona.

Our collection of real wooden sunglasses is available for all face shape in round, oversized, Rectangle, and round frames, and hence, you’ll never run out of style.

The wooden frame for our sunglasses is made using precision tools and molded to sync accurately with the lens. From transforming a raw piece of a wood veneer to an ultimate finished product, every stage goes through sharp observant eyes of experts who leave no margin for error.

We not only make wood frame sunglasses but, also the box that comes with it. The cases are as mind-blowing as the glasses themselves. We believe if it isn’t presentable it isn’t worth it and, this is exactly why we craft each pair of women and men’s wooden sunglasses with subtle details and present it to you in exquisite cases.

Our skateboard sunglasses also have fine styles for men and women. These are very sustainable sunglasses with polarized and offers 100 uv protection.

We used recycled skateboard and lens are polarized. As we have been using the real wood for our each unique pair. But now, We are proud of using recycled skateboard.

We have used zebra wood in most of our shades. This is the real wood that is very strong. Each pair of real wood lens are polarized.

Regardless of age and gender, our original wood sunglasses suit everyone and with a variety so immense, you get yourself a new fashion statement for each day. We offer polarized wood sunglasses, wood grain sunglasses, bamboo sunglasses, wooden sunglasses and a lot more. Check out our Eco-friendly sunglasses section and order your favorite pair today!