Learn About Riglook and Our Mission

Our Company:

The Riglook was established in 2000 as a retailer of high-quality products. It is now a full-fledged luxury lifestyle brand with a growing retail presence in different cities across the US. The company is committed to making quality products like wood sunglasses, wood watches, wood bow ties and other wood products and semi-leather providing complete environmental protection. 

At The Riglook a discerning clientele can now choose from a wide variety of luxury product lines including but not limited to Wooden Sunglasses, wallets, footwear, Watches, fashion accessories.
We put a high premium on design and attention to detail with the help of a skilled & motivated team and technological support. This professionally managed company is sensitive to the needs of its national & international customers. With an eye on the future.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to become one of the largest retailers of Different kinds products with a motto to provide total customer satisfaction.


The company boasts of highly qualified and experienced technical staff. we are experts in supervision and offer products that adhere to strict standards of quality. We have state-of-art manufacturing facilities equipped with latest machines and tools. Over the years, we have built our concern as a progressive and dependable source for offering reliable products.

Quality Assurance:

 The organization assures that its supply matches the best quality standards. We value our expertise for design and production that is highly qualified and sourced from renowned organizations to develop products as per the customer’s specifications. With the help of our own quality control processes, which consists of seasoned professionals, we check the quality of products prior to the dispatch.


 Here we handle all of our customers’ requests, from receiving their orders to providing customer care, to shipping merchandise. We have a large network of clientele. We are proud to say we meet or exceed all of our client's expectations when it comes to quality and service.

Why Us:

 Nature of the path will be known only to the traveler who traveled. Our motto is to produce an appealing medley of quality items at reasonable prices. The Huge no. of Buyer Strength we have proven this. We have technical Team who inspects each style so that the make-up the wood sunglasses, leather products, wood watches the best quality that matches the International Market Standard in Order that the Seller & the buyer do not have a problem. With a Big team of Sampling Unit headed by more than 15 Experience Merchandiser, we make buyer's designs from just sketches & photographs meeting our buyer's expectation of style & quality. Our impressive product range encompasses world's finest and rich items i.e. Wood sunglasses, Wood Watches, wood Tooth Brush Hard Goods and lots of other Leather and wood items. We have an excellent collection of Wooden Sunglasses, Wooden Watches, and other accessories. We ensure all our products meet perfect design and quality standards, before reaching the national & International market. Our team works in close coordination with our clients to understand their specific requirements and deliver products in exact accordance. We Ship products within the stipulated time frame.